S Comprehensive Treatment Legacy Village is dedicated to service of those who actively, or in the past have served our Country. Our caring, dedicated team are experienced professionals in substance abuse and addiction treatments, with advanced training in mental, behavioral, emotional, physical and spiritual health related issues. S Superior Care, Treatment, & Therapies Using proven, evidence-based methodologies developed over years of practice, our Medical, Clinical, Therapeutic and Spiritual teams develop customized treatment plans for each individual we serve. Our team stands ready to walk you through this positive, life-changing journey towards RECOVERY...step-by-step! S Treatment You Can Trust Legacy Village works exclusively with those who have similar life experiences, including our Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members and First Responders. Our goal is to ensure both the clinical and physical environments present promote RECOVERY in a way that understands and appreciates the unique challenges our clients face.

Care and treatment of our Veterans comes first. Our goal is to promote wellness, freedom from mental and behavioral healthcare concerns by creating a custom, individualized plan that meets your specific needs.

A Positive Environment

Legacy Village promotes positive change, and that starts with a positive environment. You will find our team, our facilities and our programs are designed to foster healing.

Customer Service

Along with the delivery of quality, compassionate care, our team of dedicated professionals are available throughout your treatment, to answer questions, provide support or guide you through the process of healing.

Recovery is our primary goal

Licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services

Legacy Village is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services, with an American Society of Addiction Medicine designation of 3.1 & 3.5, allows us to serve clients with moderate to severe addiction or substance use disorder issues.

Improving the Quality of Life

A life lived in wellness is a life drastically improved, and recovery from a mental or behavioral healthcare condition is freedom. Being free from addiction, drug or alcohol abuse or the symptoms of a mental health diagnosis does not solve every problem. It does, however, allow us the opportunity to meet challenges head-on, create plans, implement solutions, and make forward progress.

Leading the Way in Excellence

Our goal is to lead in the field of Addiction & Substance Abuse Recovery. In order to set, and be the example, Legacy Village uses evidence-based, proven methodologies in order to ensure our clients receive the highest level of care possible.

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Our Qualified Team

Dennis S. Farmer
Chief Executive Officer
Justen Wiggins
Clinical Manager
Adam White
Program Manager
David “Doc” Oliver
Veterans Services Manager
Michelle ‘Micki’ Walker
Raymond Fisher
Clinical Supervisor
Pastor Dennie Watson
Spiritual Advisor
Amanda Perez

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Customer Reviews

As a Veteran of the US Army, they welcomed me with arms wide open. They will forever be my family. Anyone who is struggling they will help you. If they can't they will refer you. Truly honest about recovery. The staff are personal and take each client as a case by case situation. I definitely recommend them to anyone of any age, race, or preference.

David C.


Legacy truly saved my life. Never any judgment, just amazing understanding and belief in the individual you can be. I highly recommend Legacy to help find the you that you have always been looking for. Apartment units make for a very comfortable home-like feel. Staff is truly caring and always looking out for you 24/7.

Jennifer O.


I'm going to start off with everything is what you make it, and at first I was unsure of myself. They stuck it out with me through hard times and allowed me to find myself while gaining important knowledge of the symptoms of my mental struggles. This facility turned into my family is truly unique and a one of a kind opportunity.

Rachel H.

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