Substance Abuse Treatment near Los Angeles

Legacy Village Wellness Center is a residential, in-patient facility dedicated exclusively to our Veteran and Active-duty service member population.  Our facility is located near the California Central Coast, on our 25-acre ranch.  While located in California, our services are available to Veterans in the western United States.  Our facility provides transportation into the program and a return transport home.  Legacy Village is licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services, with an American Society of Addiction Medicine designation of 3.1 and 3.5, allow for the treatment of moderate to severe addiction and substance abuse.  Legacy Village is accredited by the Joint Commission, achieving the highest standards of excellence, the Gold Seal.


Legacy Village specializes in mental and behavioral healthcare.  Our team of dedicated, multidisciplinary professionals treat substance abuse and addiction.  We also address co-occurring or dual diagnosis’s such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and other similar conditions.  Using proven practices and evidence-based treatments, we develop individual treatment plans unique to the client.  From the initial consultation to program completion, you’ll be treated with dignity, respect, and genuine concern for your recovery.


Upon arrival, you and your treatment team will get to work.  Initial assessments are conducted within the first days of arrival, and you’ll be introduced to the team.  This process, along with meeting your primary counselor and therapist, will help to develop an individualized treatment plan that will stay with you throughout your care. Frequent review and consultation among you and your clinical team will help shape this treatment plan.  You’ll be encouraged to develop achievable, sustainable goals that will follow you long after completion.  This is just the beginning of your journey with Legacy Village.  Our goal is to have you remain connected, for service and to share with others, for many years to come.  When you become a Legacy Village client, you remain a member of the Legacy Village family.


Veterans have unique experience that can endear them to others who have served.  Other facilities open to the public at large, can prohibit our Veteran population from finding commonality.  Any measure of feeling uncomfortably can prevent the feeling of safety, comfort and openness needed for treatment.


Our exclusive nature of treating Veterans only, allows for a share experience of service to be a starting point towards feeling comfortable in our care.  From there, we hope to allow this sense of unity among other clients to enhance and promote the delivery of care.  By providing Veteran-specific care, developing personalized and individual treatment plans, and bringing together evidence-based treatments, Legacy Village can help you in the journey towards wellness and a life in recovery.


We will provide travel arrangements if you choose Legacy Village and are no more than 3 hours away. If you are farther then 3 hours away you can visit to find a center for substance abuse treatment near you.

Recovery is our primary goal

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, with 3.5% of veterans reporting use in the last month and 2.3 million veterans (11.1%) reporting use in the last year.

Nearly 11% of veterans were admitted to treatment centers for heroin use and more than 6% of veterans were admitted to treatment facilities for cocaine use.

In 2018, 45,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to heroin and 41,000 veterans were diagnosed with an addiction to painkillers.

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