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Legacy Village has proven industry leadership, with experienced and dedicated professionals guiding you through your journey.
Multidisciplinary team members, subject-matter experts in their field, provide you step-by-step instruction, information, counsel, and therapy to promote your personal success.

Dennis Farmer
Chief Executive Officer

Dennis S. Farmer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Legacy Village, LLC, was raised in Shafter, California, a small farming town in the Central Valley area of the State. At 24, he took an entry level position with the State of California and was promoted through the budgetary and accounting fields to become the Head of Accounting for Kern Valley State Prison. Experiences during his tenure included the activation of two prisons, management of budgets and fiscal policy, coordination with legislative accounting and budgetary affairs, internal control development and implementation, financial security audits, executive level administration of accounting, finance, and budget policy.


Through his late 20’s a struggle with alcohol became more pronounced, and by his early 30’s alcohol began to affect his personal and professional life. Mr. Farmer’s addiction to alcohol had resulted in two failed marriages and was taking an increasing toll on his professional life and personal health. It was here that he entered rehab for the first time but was clearly not convinced he had a drinking problem. A second failed attempt at sobriety would lead him on a dangerous and destructive two-year path, that would almost cost his life. At 135 pounds, with serious health troubles, Mr. Farmer found his way into treatment a third and final time. “I truly began a real process of recovery, embracing the concepts of recovery and most importantly, reconnecting with my faith in God,” said Mr. Farmer. “I was lost, and I knew without help I wasn’t going to make it much longer.”


It was during this final treatment experience, that despite sound advice against making long-term plans, Mr. Farmer had a vision for more accessible and affordable care in his own community. Born of his personal experience having a difficult time finding help, he felt led to the design and building of Legacy Village. “It is my belief that my experience was not solely, or even predominantly for me – but rather so I would be equipped to help others” said Mr. Farmer, who went on, “God has saved me from this affliction, literally from the threshold of death for a reason, and that reason wasn’t to keep it to myself!”


Legacy Village soon became a primary professional pursuit. Since that time, it has developed into an exemplary model for addiction treatment and recovery services. “We are proud of our commitment to individualized care, and we are proud to be part of so many success stories,” said Mr. Farmer. “It is with an unapologetic faith in God, and a daily adherence to the principles of recovery, that I remain sober – just for today, and that I’m able to actively participate in the work of Legacy Village, and in life.” According to Mr. Farmer, “Through the services we offer I am able to give back, give away the solution that I found to others who still suffer. We’re not just providing help or a way to get clean or sober – we’re giving people a chance to recreate a Legacy, for them and their families.”


With the success of the flagship location of Legacy Village, LLC – the Oregon Street Recovery Center – doors opened and the opportunity to relocate was presented in late 2020.  The new location, with more than 25 acres of land and ample therapeutic spaces was an answer to prayer and soon, with some bittersweet moments, the entire operation was relocated to Nipomo, California and renamed appropriately from “Legacy Village – Oregon Street” to simply “Legacy Village”.  Mr. Farmer’s love of Country, and his unwavering gratitude for those who served this Nation, led to a fundamental shift in program philosophy in 2020.  It was at that time Legacy Village became an exclusive veteran and active-duty only facility.  In his words, “it is a way to give back – to be of service to those who have served.”


In January 2022, Legacy Village secured its new and permanent location on 10 Acres in Arroyo Grande, California where a remodeled, state-of-the-art facility is under construction.  The new facility is slated to open by the end of 2022.


Today Mr. Farmer is remarried to wife Erica, and together they are raising a blended family with three daughters, Leila, Alyssa and Emily and son Anthony. Mr. Farmer, in addition to his leadership of Legacy Village is an active member of the Vanguard Christian Center Board of Directors. He remains active in the recovery community and advocacy for increased access to drug and alcohol treatment for our service members.

A. Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP
Clinical Director

A. Tom Horvath, PhD, ABPP, has specialized in addictive problems since 1985. Dr. Horvath is the founder and president of Practical Recovery Psychology Group in San Diego, past president of the American Psychological Association (APA)’s Society of Addiction Psychology (Division 50; the world’s largest organization of addiction psychologists), past president of the San Diego Psychological Association, and author of Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook for Overcoming Addictions, recommended as a self-help book by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). He has been an instructor of graduate addiction courses at Alliant International University and the University of San Diego. He was a co-founder and was for 20 years the volunteer president of SMART Recovery (established 1994), an international non-profit offering free, self-empowering, science-informed addictive problem mutual help groups. He continues to serve on SMART’s US board of directors, and the Global Research Advisory Committee of SMART Recovery International. He was an active-duty US Navy psychologist from 1981-84, stationed at National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, and Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma. He is a Fellow of the San Diego Psychological Association, ABCT and APA. In 2022 he received Division 50’s award for Distinguished Career Contributions to Public Interest.

Justen Wiggins
Clinical Manager

Justen Wiggins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who previously worked with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a psychotherapist. He obtained his Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California in 2018 and his BS in liberal studies from Excelsior University, NY.  Mr. Wiggins has worked and volunteered in many clinical settings, including substance use and MAT facilities, at-risk housing and support, and multiple Veteran centered services. He is now providing support for first responders and their families through partnering with local NPOs 911 At Ease International and One805. He interned for a year with Peoples Self Help Housing, creating, and actioning a Veterans support group for identified Veteran tenants. He is also a long-time volunteer with Operation Surf, since 2016. As an alumnus of the program, he now assists as Veteran support for participants and advises the organization on best practices concerning mental health and wellbeing incorporated in staff training and program operations. He additionally volunteers as a mentor for the San Luis Obispo Veterans Treatment Court, providing support for Veterans being afforded the opportunity to participate in the program.


Mr. Wiggins is a 20-year retired military veteran. He served 4 years in the Marine Corps (1987-1991) then later the remaining service was in Nevada and retiring from the California Army National Guard as a Logistics Officer. He served in Iraq 2004-05 as a convoy escort team leader providing security for convoys for over 20,000 miles. Other positions held included Training NCO, Recruiter, Field Executive Officer 2010 border mission, State Excess Property Manager, and Company Commander. Justen continues to serve past his 2017 retirement volunteering in the California State Guard as a Behavioral Health Officer.


Justen enjoys keeping track of his 4 children and 7 grandchildren. His passions are riding and working on Harley Davidsons and surfing. Justen is a California native growing up in the San Gabriel Valley. Life travels and the military have taken him many places across the globe. Home port is now Morro Bay, CA for Justen, his 9-year-old son and Archibald, their 2-year-old Queensland heeler.

Adam White
Program Manager

Mr. Adam White was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in a military family. Growing up primarly on military institutions from Yakota Air Station and Johnson Air Force Base in Japan to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana.  Mr. White graduated from Cabrillo High School in 1984 and went on to Taft College, in Taft, California.  In 1989 he began working with our at-risk youth population, including at the California Youth Authority in Paso Robles, California.  Mr. White expanded his career to include working with special needs populations and spent time with the Vocational Training Center in Santa Maria.  After a relocation to San Antonio, Texas, he continued a carrier with the special needs population and began working with the Wounded Warrior program.  Returning to California in 2010, Mr. White returned to working with our communities at-risk and underprivileged youth.  Mr. White cites his father’s example as the driving force for his compassion, concern, and service to his community and to those in need.

Michelle ‘Micki’ Walker

Micki Walker is a native Californian who attended junior and senior high school in Washington State.  Upon returning to California, she began her journey through higher education where she obtained two Associate Degrees, in Criminal Justice from Cerritos College and Human Services from Alan Hancock College.  Her pursuit of higher education did not stop there.  Ms. Walker obtained a bachelor’s degree in sociology and master’s degree in psychology from Chapman University.  Ms. Walker returned to an alma mater, Alan Hancock College where she teaches in the Drug and Alcohol Studies program.

Prior to obtaining her LMFT, Ms. Walker spent more than 17 years managing drug and alcohol treatment centers in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo.  During her career, she focused heavily on access to treatment courts, including Drug Court, Mental Health Treatment Court, Dual Diagnosis Treatment Court, and Veterans Treatment Court.  She currently serves as a board member for a women’s sober living facility in the Five Cities area of the Central Coast.  Her passion and commitment are to the recovery of those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

With the birth of her son, almost forty years ago, Ms. Walker relocated from the Los Angeles area to the Central Coast. Today, she enjoys the time spent with her three grandchildren, along with motorcycle riding, traveling, and attending rock concerts with her partner of 33 years.

Ms. Walker brings a wealth of experience to the Legacy Village team.  Her deep involvement with treatment courts allows us to better serve justice involved clients.   Her decades of experienced, compassionate, and considerate care delivery are an asset to the team.

Raymond Fisher
Senior Counselor

Raymond Fisher, Clinical Supervisor for Legacy Village, grew up in Bakersfield, CA.  Much of his youth was spent in active addiction, and as a consequence, Raymond spent many years in-and-out of prison or jail.  At age 35 Mr. Fisher began a life of recovery, and through working a program of healing and positive action, he went from being a menace to society, to a thriving productive member of the community.


Mr. Fisher was the first employee hired at Legacy Village, LLC – Oregon Street Recovery Center, the first facility opened by our company.  For more than six years he has worked diligently to pursue a higher education and a better understanding of addiction treatment.  After obtaining his certification in drug and alcohol counseling, Mr. Fisher was promoted to Counselor.  More recently, with the opening of Legacy Village, he promoted again to Clinical Supervisor.


A passionate advocate for recovery, Mr. Fisher brings unique experience and insight to the clients he serves.  He is a wealth of information and resources and is truly dedicated to the healing power which lay in a life of recovery.

Pastor Dennie Watson
Spiritual Director

Dennie Watson, Spiritual Director for Legacy Village is the Founder, and Senior Pastor of Vanguard Christian Center in Bakersfield, California.  Pastor Watson was raised in Kern County and has devoted his life to community outreach through ministry, sports, coaching and life skills training.  Throughout his life, coaching has taken a prominent role allowing him to mentor kids of all ages through a variety of sports.  This passion provided the inspiration for a unique combination of sports and ministry.  Pastor Watson’s vision of a truly integrated church with respect to community, sports and preaching the Gospel came together in with the recent opening of Vanguards Field of Dreams.  This much needed sports facility allows all members of the community, especially children, to have a safe, healthy and positive place to engage in a variety of sporting events.  It also allows the team at Vanguard to fellowship with the community and engage with those in need.


The broad scope of Pastor Watson’s experiences has made him an invaluable member of the Legacy Village team.  His coaching experience gives him an approachable nature, allowing our clients the freedom and ease to explore spiritual questions.  His understanding an patience with those who struggle has led many clients to realize their own need for a deeper spiritual connection.

Amanda Perez


Amanda Perez was born and raised in Santa Maria, California near the Central Coast region of the state.  Mrs. Perez developed a passion for treatment after her own struggles with addiction.  After years of personal struggle, Mrs. Perez made life changing decisions in 2015, and has enjoyed sustained recovery ever since.  She is an active member of Narcotics Anonymous and attributes the tools she learned in this program of recovery to her daily success.  Wanting to further her education, and begin a career in the field of behavioral health, Mrs. Perez enrolled in Allan Hancock College pursuing an Associate of Science degree.  In 2017, while still completing her studies, she began working in the field of treatment and joined the Legacy Village team in 2020.  Mrs. Perez has a passion for sharing with, treating and helping those who struggle as she once did.  In 2021, Mrs. Perez completed her studies and obtained her degree, becoming certified by The Addiction Treatment Certification Board of California (ACCBC) as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.


Today, after many years of yard work, Mrs. Perez has vastly changed her life.  She is happily married, and together with her husband they are raising their children in Orcutt, California.  In addition to her passion for recovery and wellness, Mrs. Perez enjoys spending time with her family, going on hikes, staying active at the gym, and reading.  Mrs. Perez is a member of the Counseling team at Legacy Village Wellness Center.

Patrick McCune
CATC II Addiction Counselor

Patrick M. McCune was born in Newark, New Jersey on November 12, 1950. His family would relocate to Denver, Colorado in 1961 then to Corvallis, Oregon where he would attend school and graduate from Corvallis High School in June 1968. Mr. McCune went on to attend Oregon State University for one year, when in 1969 he would relocate to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was here in April 1970 he would enlist in the United States Airforce. Mr. McCune was trained in technical munitions storage and maintenance at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado. He was then transferred to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah where he would remain through his honorable discharge in 1972.


With his military service completed, Mr. McCune and his wife settled along the California Coastline, in Santa Barbara. In early 1973, he was hired by Carriage Trade, a retail jeweler and designer. While employed with Carriage, he earned a diploma in Gemology from Gemological Institute of America on August 24, 1984. Mr. McCune remained in Santa Barbara until 1995, when his skills in jewelry would lead to Scottsdale, Arizona. There, Mr. McCune would work for an award-winning prominent jeweler and designer through early 2010.


The Central Coast of California called once more to Mr. McCune and his family, which now included a daughter, three stepchildren and five grandchildren.


Mr. McCune holds two Associate Degrees in Business both awarded in 1979, one in Human Services and another in Addiction Studies. He also holds a Certificate of Achievement in Co-Occurring Disorders which was awarded in May 2019. Mr. McCune became a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor II on November 25, 2020, a credential offered by the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California. He has previously worked for the Coast Valley Substance Treatment Center as a Counselor from 2017 through 2021 upon their closure.


Mr. McCune has a strong belief in the psychosocial model of human development as well as a holistic approach to treating substance abuse and addiction. He joined the Legacy Village team with anticipation of helping others, Veterans like himself, battle their addictions and mental health concerns. It is his sole desire to see our Veterans succeed and live a sustainable, enjoyable life of wellness and recovery.

Meet Our Contributing Providers

Lt. Col. Bill Edmonds, Ret.

MS, MA, Ord. M. – Mindfulness & iREST/Yoga Nidra Teacher – Entheogen Integration Specialist

Bill Edmonds is a retired U.S. Special Forces officer, author, speaker, and internationally recognized expert on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of military service. He writes and speaks on the “invisible wounds of War”; how subjective experiences change our entire body, which includes our brain, often impairing our innate capacity for enjoyment, engagement, self-control, and trust. His focus is on methods, practices, and pursuits that build resilience and promote long-term healing, especially those that engage physiology as a pathway to attentional agency, emotional-intelligence, and self-awareness.


Mr. Edmonds is a retired Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, a veteran of our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo, and East, Central and North African, and a Purple Heat and Bronze Star with Valor Device recipient. He is the author and contributor of multiple books and essays, to include the critically acclaimed memoir God Is Not Here, the anthology War and Moral Injury: A Reader, essays The Ugly American in Iraq and After Moral Injury, the published King’s College of London thesis A Compassionate Nudge, and the Apple+ TV docuseries TheLine. Bill is an internationally recognized expert on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of military service: how overwhelming subjective experiences change the body, which includes the brain, impairing our innate capacity for enjoyment, engagement, self-control, and trust. Bill is an ordained minister, a spiritual teacher in the ancient tradition of Vipassana, and a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Yoga Nidra/iREST instructor, and psychedelic integration specialist. Bill also began the non- profit The MindfulWriting Project which is dedicated to creating and offering free-of-charge a therapeutic writing process based on key mindfulness teachings and principles. Bill offers Legacy Wellness Center clients Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Nidra instruction while also pursuing his licensure as a Clinical Social Worker at the University of Southern California. Bill’s energy and focus are on many and varied practices and pursuits that train attentional agency as pathways to emotional balance, mental harmony, and lasting happiness. I live in Cambria with my wife, Cheryl, and our two daughters, Natalie, and Ava.

Van Curaza

Owner, Founder – Van Curaza Surf School

Van Curaza, surfer for 49 years, is the founder of Van Curaza Surf School. Once a professional surfer, Van has dedicated his life to helping others through surfing. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including ESPN and Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine, and has earned him the first annual Blue Mind Award. He has recently been featured in the award-winning Netflix documentary, RESURFACE. Additionally, his work has been featured in the first study of its kind on surfing as an alternative treatment for veterans with PTSD by Dr. Russell Crawford, “The Impact of Ocean Therapy on Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

In addition to creating Van Curaza Surf School Van founded the nonprofit Operation Surf (Amazing Surf Adventures) to help at-risk youth, wounded military men and women, and many other individuals in need. Having experienced his own struggles, Van turned to surfing throughout his life as a means to stay positive. With hopes of being of service and passing on this positive experience, he set out to help others.




John Henry Parker


John Henry’s passion for supporting and working with transitioning Veterans and their families is in memory of his son Danny Facto, who was killed in an excessive speed-related motorcycle accident after completing his military service. Danny was a Purple Heart Recipient and Combat Veteran of two tours in Afghanistan with the Army 10th Mountain Division. John Henry is a former A.N.G.L.I.C.O. Marine and the son of a former Marine, Korean War and Vietnam Combat Veteran.


His first book/audiobook published in 2018 is titled: Transitioning Veterans, How We Get In Our Own Way… And What To Do About It. www.transitioningveteransbook.com


His second book will be released in March of 2023: Be The Dawn In The Darkness – The Relentless Pursuit Of Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be.


John Henry has been in the field of personal, professional, transformational, and leadership development for over 30 years and have worked with and for many authors and thought leaders such as Anthony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Richard Miller, and many others. He is a behavioral assessment analyst and Team Communication Consultant focusing on individual and team performance analysis, conflict resolution, and organizational and cultural development. His consulting firm provides behavioral assessment certification training for leaders, team members and coaches. John Henry has authored and delivered sales, sales management, and mentoring training to Veteran’s organizations and to large and small client companies such as Siemens, GE, ConMed/Linvatec, and Management Recruiters Teamcommunication.com