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For Referring Providers (VA Providers)

Referring Providers

Legacy Village is proud to be a member of the Community Care Network, and a partner with the VA to help our Veterans find wellness and recovery. 

Admission to Legacy Village requires the referring provider to submit a referral (or consult) for approval to the Community Care Network, through the Care in the Community office of the VA.  Some VA providers working in larger facilities will have access to approvals within their home VA.  Other VA facilities, especially those in outlying areas, will have to submit to their nearest Care in the Community Office for approval. 

It is the goal of Legacy Village to decrease the time-to-care for our Veterans.  You may contact Legacy Village at the time of referral submission so that we can coordinate with the Veteran on intake related matters.  Additionally, if a Veteran is homeless or has unique conditions that require immediate admission, please contact us at (800) 997-6977. 

referring providers


Typically, referrals take 3-7 days for approval.  Veterans must be clinically indicated for admission, meaning any acute detoxification processes have been completed.  Legacy Village can admit Veterans who are undergoing sub-acute detox using medication, or other methods.  Additionally, Legacy Village works with community partners to provide safe, stable housing between referral and authorization.


When submitting a referral for residential or outpatient services at Legacy Village, please ensure to note the reasons you are requesting to use the Community Care Network.  Often times these reasons include excessive drive times, wait times or other Veteran-specific conditions that indicate care in the community is a better option.

Admission to Legacy Village​

Legacy Village understands how stressful reaching out for help can be. We are committed to making the admissions process as seamless as possible. Clients are referred to Legacy Village by a Department of Veterans Affairs provider. Clients must be eligible for VA healthcare benefits and must ask their primary care provider for a referral to the Community Care Network.

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