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Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Many who have used or experimented with illicit drugs never develop full-blown addiction. For those who do, the early experience of using drugs (even prescriptions) can seem like a harmless escape from the stress of everyday life. Others began by using drugs for temporary relief from painful experiences, trauma, or other conditions. No matter how drug use is started, if it has escalated to substance abuse and addiction, it presents serious risks to your health and safety.

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How Recreational Use Turns into Necessity

With prolonged use, the physical, emotional, and spiritual reliance on drugs will increase.  What may have been recreational at one point, has now become necessary for daily living.  In fact, people looking for a program of recovery have, most likely, found drugs controlling their decisions, their behavior, and their life.  Using drugs is the now the only way to feel normal. 

There is no distinction between the abuse or addiction of illicit or prescription drugs when it comes to the need for help.  Both have inherent risks for continued usage, and drug addiction is life-altering, potentially fatal condition. 

Admission to Legacy Village​

Legacy Village understands how stressful reaching out for help can be. We are committed to making the admissions process as seamless as possible. Clients are referred to Legacy Village by a Department of Veterans Affairs provider. Clients must be eligible for VA healthcare benefits and must ask their primary care provider for a referral to the Community Care Network.

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