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The Legacy Village Model


The Legacy Village Model

Legacy Village has spent years developing a unique treatment curriculum dedicated to the clients we serve.  In addition to the highly specialized care each client receives from their clinical team, they will each work towards completion of the 3-tiered curriculum. 

Back-2-Basics: Tier 1

This module is designed to walk the client through their first 45-days of treatment.  The material and assignments help break down barriers and build trust between the client and their treatment team.  In addition, the Tier 1 material helps to identify root causes of behavior, past problematic episodes and key factors that will allow the treatment team to develop a plan of care.  The completion of the Tier 1 module will give the client a firm understanding of the disease of addiction, and an overall understanding of co-occurring conditions.  Clients will learn valuable, life-changing skills during this initial module of care.  Tools that, when applied, will help navigate the newly found world of sobriety. 

Back-2-Basics: Tier 2

This module is designed to take the previously identified components from Tier 1 and build a plan of wellness and recovery.  Clients will have spent the first portion of treatment identifying behaviors and addictive thinking – now they will be asked to apply principles of recovery to overcome them.  Through practical application, clients learn to navigate the real-world scenarios around them by using the tools they have learned.  In-depth work with the clinical treatment team will promote lasting healing from traumatic events, problematic behaviors, and painful losses.  Much of the Tier 2 work is focused heavily on one-on-one care, with clients spending as much as 8 hours a week in individual sessions.  Real, sustainable, positive change happens during this truly hyper-focused module of care.

Back-2-Basics: Tier 3 (Outpatient)

Legacy Village believes a continuum of care is necessary to fully promote wellness and recovery.  After a successful completion of the 90-day residential program, clients can enroll in our 6-month outpatient program.  This important step is available to our clients via telehealth and conducted solely in the evening hours.  The Legacy Village outpatient program is ideal for any client who has successfully completed residential treatment, even those who completed treatment with other providers.  The Tier 3 module allows clients to continue engaging in healthy practices of recovery and wellness work, while sharing in active group conversations and continuing with one-on-one sessions. Unique to the Legacy Village approach is our delivery of care, allowing clients to participate during the evening hours and from the comfort of their home.  This provides opportunity for the clients to return to work, school or other commitments while obtaining vital aftercare.


As one of the nation’s only privately-ran Veterans, Military and First Responder Exclusive programs, our focus is solely on those who have served or who are serving.  The unique challenges each of our clients face, the specifics concerns brought forward by their experience, are all part of the healing program offered at our facilities.  Our team of dedicated professionals understand addiction and they understand military service.  Combining the holistic approach of our team, with their specialized credentialing and experience allows for superior treatment and care.  The Legacy Village approach to wellness and recovery is a unique, individualized, and proven.

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