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Comprehesive Treatments

Legacy Village places a premium on delivering superior care to our clients.  Our treatment models for addiction, substance abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other conditions have been developed to address each client’s unique needs.  Customized treatment plans, therapy options and delivery methods help to build a foundation of success.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is evidence-based therapy targeting faulty thinking and behaviors, helping individuals become their own therapists for improved functioning and quality of life.

Environmental Therapy

Environmental therapies modify surroundings for cognitive, emotional, and behavioral health, providing support for various problems and disorders.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy promotes overall well-being through activity-based interventions targeting physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

Surf Therapy

Our surf therapy program, led by Van Curaza, utilizes the healing power of the ocean to bring wellness and positive experiences to military members, veterans, and at-risk individuals.

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Writing

Mindfulness courses and writing, taught by Lt. Col. Bill Russel Edmonds, promote conscious awareness and acceptance of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, benefiting veterans’ mental health.


Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to promote mental and physical well-being, supporting a balanced and active lifestyle.


Meditation is a technique for focused attention, promoting psychological well-being and used worldwide across cultures and religions.

12-Step Modalities

AA and NA provide free support meetings and a twelve-step program to help individuals overcome alcohol and substance addiction.


Spirituality connects individuals to something beyond themselves, providing comfort, stress relief, and health benefits when coping and finding meaning in life.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling explores beliefs, seeking meaning beyond oneself, regardless of religious affiliation, while Christian counseling adds a biblical focus for personal and relational matters.

Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage and family therapy improves relationships, addressing mental and behavioral issues like substance abuse, depression, and conflict, considering family dynamics.

Family Reunification

Reunification therapy rebuilds relationships and trust, especially between parents and children, emphasizing attachment, healthy communication, and healing injuries.


DBT is a specialized talk therapy based on CBT, helping individuals manage intense emotions and improve mental health with healthier coping.

Anger Management

Anger is a natural emotion caused by external or internal events. Managing anger involves expressing, suppressing, or calming it for emotional regulation.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution therapy teaches individuals and couples skills to effectively address conflicts, aiming for win-win solutions and improved mental health.


As one of the nation’s only privately-ran Veterans, Military and First Responder Exclusive programs, our focus is solely on those who have served or who are serving.  The unique challenges each of our clients face, the specifics concerns brought forward by their experience, are all part of the healing program offered at our facilities.  Our team of dedicated professionals understand addiction and they understand military service.  Combining the holistic approach of our team, with their specialized credentialing and experience allows for superior treatment and care.  The Legacy Village approach to wellness and recovery is a unique, individualized, and proven.

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