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Female Warrior Program

Introducing the Legacy Village Female Warrior Program: Empowering Women Who've Served

We are thrilled to unveil the Legacy Village Female Veteran Program, an exclusive initiative tailored to women who have bravely served in the military and are now grappling with addiction and, potentially, co-occurring challenges.  This program is designed specifically for Female Veterans dual-diagnosed with SUD (addiction) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Nestled on our picturesque 26-acre ranch in the serene locale of Nipomo, California, the Legacy Village Female Warrior Program boasts an all-female clinical team. Our approach places a special focus on addressing the unique issues and concerns that women who have served may encounter. Our residential program provides segregated housing within a spacious 7,000 square foot ranch-style home, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment.

The Legacy Village Model

Our custom curriculum, thoughtfully crafted by the experts at Legacy Village, is dedicated to tackling substance use disorders. Additionally, we offer specialized treatments for Military Sexual Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in distinctive therapeutic experiences like surf therapy and other experiential therapies aimed at facilitating reintegration into daily life during recovery.


For female justice-involved Veterans, we have unique solutions to help navigate the complexities of the legal system, potentially reducing or mitigating criminal penalties upon program completion.


Our highly experienced therapy team is dedicated to assisting female Veterans in healing strained family relationships. Legacy Village provides comprehensive family therapy, relationship counseling, and opportunities for family reunification.


The Legacy Village Female Warrior Program is a two-tier, 90-day journey. Upon successful completion, participants can access up to six months of outpatient programming through evening-scheduled telehealth sessions. This allows Veterans to return home while continuing their treatment and smoothly reintegrating into their new life.


Legacy Village welcomes referrals from any VA clinical facility within the TriWest Region 4 area, offering escorted transportation to and from our facility. To discover more about the Legacy Village program, please call us today at 1-800-997-6977.

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