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Addiction Treatments

Evidence-Based, Proven Treatment Methods for Mental and Behavioral Health

Legacy Village provides evidence-based, intensive mental and behavioral health treatments for first responders, active-duty service members and veterans. Our 24/7 program encourages a lifestyle of total abstinence from alcohol and drugs to help clients achieve their best recovery outcomes.

At the outset, each client collaborates with a comprehensive admitting team to develop personalized, measurable treatment plans. Our approach combines diverse therapeutic and counseling sessions, including specialist and spiritual guidance, to address the root causes of clients’ behaviors and bolster their recovery confidence.

Our program covers a wide range of subjects and incorporates various therapies to foster a holistic recovery approach. Success is determined by meeting set goals and creating a clear discharge plan, underscoring the importance of active participation. Legacy Village is dedicated to equipping clients with the confidence, education, and support needed to reintegrate positively into life.

Drug Addiction

Experimenting with illicit drugs, including prescriptions, may start as a harmless escape or a relief from trauma, but for people who develop an addiction, it poses serious health and safety risks as drug use becomes necessary for daily living. Regardless of whether the addiction is to illicit or prescription drugs, it is a life-altering, potentially fatal condition that necessitates immediate help.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol, despite being socially accepted and widely available, poses serious health risks including high blood pressure and liver issues, and can lead to undesirable effects like restless nights, anxiety, and depression when abused. Over time, alcohol addiction can lead to legal issues, familial troubles, social isolation, and alterations in body and brain chemistry, rendering it a life-altering, potentially fatal condition that necessitates urgent intervention.

Employment & Education Issues

Addiction can detrimentally impact careers, but Legacy Village, through its partnerships with client-specific programs, fosters opportunities for education and career advancement. With the support of our clinical team and recovery advocates, we aid our clients in assessing their options and setting achievable, sustainable goals for the future.

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Housing Issues

Prolonged addiction often leads to homelessness due to damaged relationships and poor life choices. Legacy Village collaborates with government agencies, partners, and community resources to ensure every client completing our program secures stable housing upon discharge.


As one of the nation’s only privately-ran Veterans, Military and First Responder Exclusive programs, our focus is solely on those who have served or who are serving.  The unique challenges each of our clients face, the specifics concerns brought forward by their experience, are all part of the healing program offered at our facilities.  Our team of dedicated professionals understand addiction and they understand military service.  Combining the holistic approach of our team, with their specialized credentialing and experience allows for superior treatment and care.  The Legacy Village approach to wellness and recovery is a unique, individualized, and proven.

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