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Mission Statement

The Legacy Village advisory board is a critical component of oversight in the areas of program modalities, curriculum and materials and the implementation of new procedures, methodologies and treatment options. Members are dedication to the overall health and wellness of our veteran and active-duty service member populations. Membership is comprised of people with diverse experience, backgrounds, interest and education. Our mission is to enhance and improve the quality-of-care delivery at Legacy Village.

Contribute to the overall INTEGRITY of the program, by bringing to discussion and providing input on matters directly related to veteran and active-duty service members health and wellness.

Contribute to the overall FUNCTIONALITY of the program, by promoting evidence-based suggestion for treatment options and methodologies.

Contribute to the overall STANDARDS of the program, by advocating for and presenting options that contribute to the quality of care.

Contribute to the overall SUCCESS of the program, by promoting and providing informational awareness to others who could benefit from services.

Legacy Village Introduction and Vision Statement

Legacy Village is a mental and behavioral health care company dedicated exclusively to Veterans and Active-Duty service members. Legacy Village specializes in the treatment of conditions classified as mental or behavioral health to include, but not limited to, Addiction, Substance Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, or other similar conditions.

Legacy Village facilities serve adults, over the age of 18, with mental health and behavioral health diagnosis. Such individuals are accepted through referral from their primary care provider at a local Veterans Administration Clinical, Private Provider, Military Base Healthcare facility, or similar healthcare agency.

Legacy Village deploys multiple methodologies of treatment, specific to the individual and recorded in a master treatment plan. Clients are interviewed, assessed, and assigned a primary clinical team upon admission. This includes, but is not limited to, a primary therapist and primary counselor. Legacy Village both employees and contracts with mental and behavioral health professionals. The collaboration of the clinical team, made up of all clinical staff who treat clients, guides the direction of a client’s master treatment plan. Clinical requirements and direction are further given in this manual under the appropriate sections.

Legacy Village is an in-network provider for TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Tri-Care, Magellan (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and Beacon. Legacy Village shall, in accordance with necessary admission sources, maintain such in-network contracts in good standing at all times.

It is the goal of Legacy Village to ensure all Veterans and Active-Duty service members have access to quality, comprehensive care in the areas of mental and behavioral health. Such services are not only provided to the individual client, but include outreach to family, friends and loved ones when appropriate. We aim to treat the whole of the person, rather than specific conditions, and seek to promote general wellness, recovery, healthy lifestyle changes, and to promote productive engagement within the community.

Program Mission, Philosophy Statement and Methods

Program Mission Statement:

To provide exemplary service to those who are, and who have served our Country in the areas of mental and behavioral healthcare.

Philosophy of Recovery:

All persons have the ability to recover from a mental or behavioral health diagnosis, and should, through the access to care, find options applicable to their specific need. Legacy Village uses the term “wellness” to encompass the idea of recovery or remission from ongoing mental or behavioral healthcare concerns and promotes wellness through our programming options. Legacy Village believes in the power of working collectively on the Emotional, Spiritual, Cognitive and Physical aspects on one’s health. These four areas of focus are the foundation of programing at Legacy Village and guide our efforts, through various methodologies and applied through various clinicians.

The Legacy Village program strongly encourages clients and their families to adopt a complete lifestyle of abstinence from alcohol, illicit drugs, or addictive medications. Exceptions to this philosophy are made only in cases of medical necessity and with strict monitoring protocol and oversight.

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